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Terms of Use

Please share these videos!

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We encourage large-scale use of these Earth movies, especially for education and public engagement about home planet Earth and space exploration.

Underneath (most) movies, you'll see a share link, that jumps right to that movie (see example).  Copy the link, and forward it to your friends, family or anyone else.

You can also use social media, through the heart in the movie viewer, or in the social links in the top right of each page.

These are powerful movies, and we hope everyone enjoys exploring them.

For commercial use, see instructions below.

Credit NASA and Windows On Earth

Where possible, use this credit line:

Source images credit NASA / Created videos (c) TERC, Inc (Windows on Earth)

The individual photos taken by the astronauts are freely available from NASA with permission for public use.

The fly-over videos were created and copyright by the Windows on Earth program, a partnership of TERC and the Association of Space Explorers, both non-profits.

Free for education, non-profits

No need to contact us if you're simply using the share link or social media.

However, if you want to actually download a video for your creative and educational use, please contact us.

Briefly describe yourself and/or your non-profit organization, which movie(s) interest you, and how you will use them.

In most cases, we will provide free authorization to download and use them for education and outreach.

Contact: WinEarthManager@gmail.com

Commercial users pay a license fee

We encourage commercial use of these videos.  Revenue from the license fee supports the Windows on Earth project and this web site.

Briefly describe your company and how you will use the movie(s), along with the requested movie title(s) or other description of your need.

We will respond with more details and work with you to meet your needs.

Contact:  Bridgeman Images

All videos in full 4K

All movies are delivered in full 4K resolution (3840 x 2160).

Actual resolution on your computer automatically adapts to your Internet bandwidth.

Playback speed is 30 fps.

The movies are stored and deployed using Vimeo, with no ads.

We can adjust the fly-over speed. On this web site, movies are either:

        •  real speed -- matching the ISS

        •  5x speed -- for a faster fly-over

We can create movies at other speeds, based on need.

Request a Custom Built Movie

If you don't find the movie you want on this web site, send an email to the contacts above for education or commercial use.

Describe the locations or types of movies you want.

We can review our large archive of movie sequences and if possible create a custom clip. Some fees may apply.

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