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We need YOUR help identifying the locations shown in these images.

Pick any image (especially from the "Citizen Science" gallery)

Figure out the primary feature or location shown (see below for help)

Email the answer to WinEarth@terc.edu

        1. Image ID -- example:  iss040e033217

        2. Location -- examples: Italy, Seattle, Mount Vesuvius

We'll update the images for others to benefit from your geo-sleuthing!


How to figure out the location

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"Oh wow, look at that!". . .click. . ."And that!". . .click. . ."And over there!". . .click

Every day, Astronauts take hundreds of pictures of our beautiful, dynamic Earth.

Some are pre-defined targets (like an erupting volcano or an active forest fire).  Others are targets of opportunity, as the astronauts scan the view from the Cupola. 

You see the results of their work.  Gorgeous pictures.

But what do they show?  How do we figure that out?

Untitled photo

Step 1 - Where was the ISS when they took the picture?

We do this part for you, automatically.

Every image has a date and time stamp.

With some backwards calculations, we figure out where the ISS was when they took that picture.

All the images in all the galleries already have this information.

Step 2 - Figure out the location shown

NOTE:  this shows one image as an example. We need to simplify its use, and enable it to  work for ANY image.

Based on the ISS location, we now figure out where they pointed the camera.

We create this view based on the ISS location, and let you move the background until it matches the image.

Click on the image on the left, to see the example.

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