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Typhoon Vongfong flyover

Untitled photo

Astronauts on ISS capture movie of Typhoon Vongfong

Oct. 10, 2014, astronauts on the ISS fix-mounted a camera in a window of the Cupola, and captured a movie of a fly-over of Typhoon Vongfong.

The map at left shows the path (the camera was pointed backwards), and the approximate location of Typhoon Vongfong.  The sequence is from 08:11:19 to 08:17:21 GMT.  

They used a Nikon D3S camera, with a 24 mm lens, and 1/8000 second exposure. Playback is 1 frame per second - the same speed as the flyover.

Below, are the full-resolution images (4256x2832 pixels).

This video supports research on tropical cyclones by MIT and Visidyne, with support from NASA, ISS teams, CASIS, Crew Earth Observation team, Association of Space Explorers and TERC.

All images credit NASA

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