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Lightning over US - Oct 13 2014 NA

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ISS Astronauts take movie of lightning storm over US

On the night of Oct 13, 2014, astronauts on the International Space Station flew over a powerful lightning storm in central US.  They mounted their camera in the Cupola window, set it on automatic, and took this dramatic fly-over sequence, showing the flashes of lightning across the storm.

The movie is 10x the actual speed of the fly-over, which took 4 minutes, from 6:11:57 to 6:15:44am GMT  (2:11am EDT).  The ISS was traveling from NW to SE, with the camera looking forward. At the very end, you can see Florida in the distance. Click on the images below for full-resolution.

This movie will be used by students and adults as part of SkyScience, a week-long series of coordinated observations of the sky, combining astronaut and satellite photos from above, and ground-based photos by students and the public looking up.

For more information on SkyScience, visit www.nasa.gov/jpl/skyscience

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