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Chris Hadfield


Well known for his space videos, tweets and sage wisdom, Canadian Chris Hadfield was commander of ISS Expedition 35, and flew two shuttle missions.

As a child, he watched the Apollo 11 mission and decided to become an astronaut.  With relentless focus, and some good fortune, he became an engineer, fighter pilot and . . .eventually an astronaut.

His warm personality and good communication skills helped him share the joy and challenges of life on ISS, with millions world-wide. He authored 2 exceptional books: An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth, and You Are Here!  A long-time guitar player, he also created a space-based rendition of David Bowie's "Major Tom", widely seen on YouTube, but sadly no longer available.

Learn more:


          Twitter (@Cmdr_Hadfield)

          Personal Web site

Cmdr Hadfield tweeted 1,047 images from ISS.   Explore them ALL here!

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